Real Estate Transactions Recently investments in the real estate market received proper attention from institutional investors.
G.I.Q. can offer an extremely high level of expertise.
We have developed specific skills from a fund manager’s point of view, a know-how that was previously gained by one of our Partners.

When we think that there are the premises to structure a Real Estate transaction, at this deal we apply the same procedures and quality standards that are inherent to a corporate transaction (scouting of counterparties, development of simulations, Information memorandum preparation, selection of potential counterparties, assistance during any stage of the deal etc.).

G.I.Q. provides a complete support for Real estate Transactions, for private equity funds, companies and private investors. The relationship with the Customers is the focus of our business and their satisfaction is our goal. We set up stable and genuine relationships with our Customers, continuously focused on their goals and providing a synergy of products and services in order to match their expectations.

Over the years we have developed relationships with entrepreneurs and general investors of different sizes: our track record is our best presentation.
Our track record in real estate transactions testify the specific skills achieved in this segment, deriving also